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Important Dates

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Important Dates to Know

The assessment date in Georgia is January 1st, meaning all property is valued and taxed according to ownership and its condition on January 1st of that tax year.

By law, the time requirements listed below can not be extended by the Assessors Office.


January 1st - April 1st
Return Period
  • Property Tax Return - All property owners are required by law to "return" their property every year. This means that they must file a declaration of current market value plus report any changes made to the property during the preceding year to with the assessors office. Failure to file a written return becomes an automatic "return" declaring that the status and value of the property is correct as determined by the assessors office for the preceding year. This is an official "return" and is treated as such.

  • Special Use Assessments Applications - This covers Conservation or Preferential Agricultural use; Environmentally Sensitive; Historical; and others. You can receive guidelines for these program from the Assessor's Office.
  • Personal Property Returns/Reporting Forms - Return of personal property owned to be assessed. Freeport Exemption Applications to be filed at this time.
May - June
Assessment Notices


Annual assessment notices are mailed during this time. You have 45 days from the postmarked date to make your appeal in writing to the Tax Assessors office.

If you made a "return" on your property (January 1st - April 1st) the assessment notice is your answer to that return. The Board of Assessors reviewed your return and may or may not have made changes to your previous assessment. This information will be reflected on the assessment notice you receive. The same 45 day filing period for appeals applies.

For more information on filing an appeal, please see the appeal tab on the left.

October - December
Tax Bills

Once the digest is approved by the state, tax bills are issued from the Tax Commissioner's office. Tax bills are due 60 days from the date they are mailed. Payments and property tax matters are managed by the Bryan County Tax Commissioner.