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Planning & Zoning Commission

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2020 Planning & Zoning Public Meeting Schedule

Submission Deadline
Meeting Date
Location (Alternating)
December 6, 2019  January 7, 2020 Pembroke
January 3, 2020 February 4, 2020 Richmond Hill
January 31, 2020 March 3, 2020 Pembroke
March 6, 2020 April 7, 2020 Richmond Hill
April 3, 2020 May 5, 2020 Pembroke
May 1, 2020 June 2, 2020 Richmond Hill
June 5, 2020 July 7, 2020 Pembroke
July 2, 2020* August 4, 2020 Richmond Hill
July 31, 2020 September 1, 2020 Pembroke
September 4, 2020 October 6, 2020 Richmond Hill
October 2, 2020 November 4, 2020** Pembroke
October 30, 2020 December 2, 2020*** Richmond Hill

*Submission deadline moved to Thursday on account of Independence Day

**Meeting date moved to Wednesday on account of General Election being held November 3, 2020

***Meeting date moved to Wednesday on account of General Election Runoffs being held on December 1, 2020

General Meeting Information 

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month.  The Planning Commission also serves as the Board of Adjustment, which hears variances and appeals.  Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and location alternates between Pembroke and Richmond Hill. 

  • The Pembroke meetings are held in the Bryan County Courthouse in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. 42 Courthouse Street, Pembroke
  • The Richmond Hill meetings are held in the Administrative Complex on Capt. Matthew Freeman Drive.  66 Captain Matthew Freeman Drive, Richmond Hill

For any matter scheduled for a public hearing, public comment is permitted.  A Speaker Form must be filled out prior to the meeting and submitted to staff.  You may fill out the form in advance and submit to or fill out and hand into staff the night of the meeting.  

Meetings are conducted in accordance with the County Ordinances - Policies and Procedures in Calling and Conducting a Public Meeting (Article XIII Section 1300) and the Planning and Zoning Commission Bylaws

Agendas and Packets

Agendas and packets are posted approximately one week before the scheduled meeting.  You may also access packets from previous meetings by date.  Online packets are only available for the last two years.  If you are interested in P&Z materials prior to October 2018, you may submit an Open Records Request.

2020 Meeting Packets

Current Agenda

July 7, 2020

Speaker Form

Note the meeting location for the July meeting has been changed to the gym at Hendrix Park.  Address is 3960 Wilma Edwards Road, Ellabell, GA. 

 The following rules will be in place for the July 7, 2020, meeting:

Speakers need to sign up before the meeting starts by filling out the required speaker form provided below.  Speaker forms may be filled out and emailed to Ashley Young at prior to the meeting (by noon on July 7) or brought to the meeting.  

If a person does not want to/cannot attend in person, they may submit comments via email to Ashley Young at  Comments must be received by noon on July 7 to be read into the record.

Bryan County will be implementing social distancing policies including:

Individuals attending the meeting must sit/stand six feet apart.  The bleacher seats will be marked with appropriate seating locations.

Individuals attending the meeting should wear masks.  If you do not have one, the County will provide a mask prior to the person entering the gym.

If you are displaying the CDC identified list of COVID-19 symptoms, you should not attend the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.  You should submit comments via email, and you may watch the live stream of the meeting from home.

Previous Agenda Packets

 January 7, 2020 Agenda and Packet

February 4, 2020 Agenda and Packet

March 3, 2020 Agenda and Packet

The April 7, 2020, meeting was canceled.  The items on this agenda were heard at the May 5, 2020, meeting. 

April 7, 2020 Agenda and Packet

May 5, 2020 Agenda and Packet

June 2, 2020 Agenda and Package

2019 Meeting Packets

January 2, 2019 Agenda and Packet

February 5, 2019 Agenda and Packet

 Updated Wexford Report and Packet

March 5, 2019 Agenda and Packet

April 2, 2019 Agenda and Packet

May 7, 2019 Agenda and Packet

June 4, 2019 Agenda and Packet

July 2, 2019 Agenda and Packet

August 6, 2019 Agenda and Packet - Rescheduled for August 8, 2019 (Special Called Meeting)

September 3, 2019 Agenda and Packet Part 1

September 3, 2019 Agenda and Packet Part 2

October 1, 2019 Agenda and Packet Part 1

October 1, 2019 Agenda and Packet Part 2

October 1, 2019 Agenda and Packet Part 3

November 5, 2019 Agenda and Packet

December 3, 2019 Agenda and Packet

2018 Meeting Packets

October 2, 2018 Agenda and Packet

November 6, 2018 Agenda and Packet

December 6, 2018 Agenda and Packet

Updated Woodland Trails Staff Report 12/4/18


P&Z/BOA Commissioners 2020


Chairman   Vice-Chairman
Alex Floyd   Joseph Pecenka, II
Member Email
Ronald Carswell

Michelle Guran
Stephanie Falls
 Stacy Watson
 Boyce Young