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About Comprehensive Planning 

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has established standards and procedures for local comprehensive planning to provide a framework for local governments to create a long-term plan that will address critical planning issues and opportunities. These standards and procedures reflect the state’s interest in promoting healthy and economically vibrant communities. The Comprehensive Plan should act as a guide for communities in achieving their goals and objectives and should be used as a decision-making guide by local officials and community leaders. Bryan County’s Comprehensive Plan will help shape the planning process for its unincorporated area, and includes the following elements:

  1. An examination of the issues and opportunities facing Bryan County in the Community Assessment
  2. Foundational data and analysis related to:
    1. Transportation
    2. Housing
    3. Land Use
    4. Economic Development
  3. Community Vision and Goals
  4. Community Work Program

Bryan County engaged the public directly through a number of highly publicized methods that helped identify issues and opportunities, which in turn helped shape community goals. Projects and initiatives that will help Bryan County achieve its goals are enumerated in the Community Work Program.

The Coastal Regional Commission (CRC) and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) have reviewed The Bryan County Comprehensive Plan Update and determined that the plan complies with the local planning requirements and is therefore eligible for adoption by the County.  

Bryan County adopted the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update by resolution at the June 12, 2018 County Commissioner Meeting.

Click here to view the Bryan County 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update.  

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*Slated for adoption in early 2018

  • Funding to emergency services and public safety: This cycle dedicates almost $1.6        million to public safety to continue the trend of facility and equipment updates to better serve citizens.

  • Economic development: Almost 18 percent of  Bryan County SPLOST share is dedicated to economic development, which leads to more  jobs.

  • Transportation-related projects: Over $3.8 million has been allocated to transportation-related projects with over 300 miles of roadways to maintain.

  • Recreation projects: SPLOST will help complete projects such as the Henderson Park Gym, new soccer fields and multipurpose facilities, which will serve youth athletes.