Code Complaint Form

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Bryan County Code Enforcement Complaint Form

 The Bryan County Code Enforcement Office is responsible for registering, researching, investigating and documenting complaints for the unincorporated areas of Bryan County. The Office responds to all complaints registered online, by phone or in person, at one of our two Planning & Zoning Department help-desk locations. 

When registering a complaint, in most matters, you will be contacted by a Code Official to verify the information you've provided and to keep you updated on the processing of the complaint. Bryan County will research, investigate and document the alleged offense. In making a case against the alleged offender, it is often in the best interest of the case to have corresponding accounts, and as a result, your account may become part of the record. We ask below for your consent, please consider carefully how you would like this information and your participation to be utilized before proceeding.

To view the Complaint Form and to register a complaint, please click here.

All calls, emails or letters must be registered through the Code Enforcement Complaint Form, to launch an active case. If you call or register a complaint through one of our help desks you will be asked to fill in a hard-copy form, which is available here, to activate the case. This helps us track the various complaints we receive and helps us build an enforceable case, as we document the case. We appreciate your efforts in making a helping us make a better Bryan County.