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Q: "Does your Department use volunteers?"

A: Yes and you can get an application at any of our emergency service stations or call 912-858-2790.

Q: "Whom do I call with a non-emergency question?"

A: General information can be reached at 912-858-2790 or 912-445-5287.

Q: "Does Bryan County allow outdoor burning?"

A: Yes. Individuals should call the Georgia Forestry Office at 1-877-652-2876 for open burning information.

Q: "Does the Department fill swimming pools for people?"

A: No.

Q: "Can the public schedule a birthday party at the station?"

A: No. We discourage the public from having parties at the stations (for safety and security reasons) but we welcome any organization to come to our Departments for tours, Girl, Boy Scout Troops, Church, School Groups or we will go to their facilities.

Q: "How do I get a copy of a fire or medic report?"

A: For fire reports, call medical reports, TEMS Billing Company 1-844-399-6379 EXT 104, but for general information call EMS Chief Susan Clark at 912-858-2799.

Q: "Where is the nearest emergency service station?"

A: Call 912-858-2790, and we can tell you where the closest emergency service station is.

Q: "Where is the nearest fire hydrant?"

A: You need to drive your neighborhood and determine where your closest hydrant is since new hydrants are installed throughout the year.

Q: "Can a patient choose the hospital he or she wants to go to?"

A: Patients are transported to the Hospital of their choice, always. However, the Technicians are to advise the Patient if they feel the Hospital they have requested to be transported to is not equipped to handle their type emergency. They still may not want to go to the appropriate Hospital. If a patient’s condition deteriorates while en route to the Hospital we stop at the closest facility.

Q: "Why does the fire engine go out on medical calls?"

A: To ensure quick response and adequate assistance on all emergency scenes.

Q: "How much does the County charge for people transported by a Med Unit to the hospital?"

A: Rates vary and depend on the amount and type of care rendered. EMS Billing questions 1-844-399-6379 Ext 104. TEMS Billing Company. General questions 1-912-858-2799 EMS Chief Susan Clark.