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Clyde Smith
Bryan County Sheriff

1955 Sgt. Michael W. Larson Dr.
Richmond Hill, Ga. 31324

Non-emergency telephone numbers:
912-653-2899 - Pembroke
912-756-2181 - Richmond Hill
912-756-2127 - Fax

 Other Contact Numbers:
Bryan County Sheriff’s Dept.
(912) 653-3800
Richmond Hill Police
(912) 756-5645
Pembroke Police
(912) 653-4414
GA State Patrol
(912) 754-1180

Bryan County 911 is a division of the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.

Our Mission Statement:

We, as public Safety servants is comprised of people dedicated to preserving the value of life of all citizens of, and visitors, to our diverse community. We respond to emergency and non-emergency situations with professionalism, empathy, and accuracy to provide the vital link between public safety and the citizens who need assistance. We strive to continuously improve through training, public feedback, and team work. By utilizing technology and experience, we will continue to grow to fulfill the needs of our expanding community and all who passes through it.

Bryan County 911: always there, always ready.

The 911 staff consist of 15 full time employees and 2 part time employees. On an average month, the 911 centers handle about 2000 calls. There is someone available in the 911 centers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.