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The Community Development Department is pleased to announce that we are now able to accept building permit applications via our digital permitting and plan portal.   This is the first step in Community Development's process to implement digital permit and plan review. Once the system is fully implemented,  in addition to submitting permit applications and scheduling inspections online, you will be able to :


  • Submit and track plans (preliminary plat, final plat, site plans, and construction drawings) digitally;
  • Receive comments from plan reviewers via email; and
  • Receive approvals.


Click the button above to enter the site, and you can start the permit process.   Once you enter the portal, you will now be able to create an account and apply for your building permit.  You no longer need to fill out a paper application.  The system will identify documents that need to be uploaded to our system.   To assist with the permit process, note the following information:

  • If your property will be served by an individual septic system, you will be allowed to apply for the permit without your septic tank approval from the Public Health Department but the permit will not be issued until Community Development is notified by Public Health.  You may download the Health Department form and submit directly to the Public Health Department;
  • If your property is currently served by an individual septic system, your will need the Public Health Department approval if your project potentially impacts the septic system.  
  • Proof of taxes being paid should be submitted with the permit application.  You may visit the Tax Commissioner's website to verify the status of your taxes. You can download verification of zero balance and upload this document with your permit application.   Tip:  If you have trouble pulling up you account, try using your map and parcel number, which you main obtain from Tax Assessor's  property records page.  To provide better service and limit the number of trips to County offices, if you need to obtain documentation from the Tax Assessor, you may submit proof of taxes paid when you come to Community Development to pay for your permit.
  • For all new residential and commercial construction the fire tax fee should be paid prior to submitting your permit application.  This fee must be paid in person at either the Pembroke or Richmond Hill Tax Commissioner's office.  It cannot be paid online.  Contact the Tax Commissioner for additional information.  To provide better service and limit the number of trips to County offices, you may submit proof of the fire taxes being paid when you come to the Community Development Department to pay for your permit.
  • If your permit is for brand new construction (residential or commercial) and you will be requesting Bryan County water and sewer service, you no longer need to fill out a separate application.  The Water and Sewer Department will be automatically notified once you submit your building permit application.
  • NEW REQUIREMENT BEGINNING January 21, 2020, the Engineering Department will require all new residential construction (individual lot) to complete the Final site plan checklist You must complete this form and upload with your permit application.  Failure to do so will result in your permit application being held for processing until the checklist is submitted.  Additionally, starting January 21, 2020, you will be required to certify the residential lot has been graded in accordance with the approved plans.  Prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued, you must submit the Residential site plan certification.  Questions about the checklist or certification:  contact Tim Staley at 912-661-0270. 


Once you have created your account and your permit has been issued, you will be able to schedule and track your inspections online.  Inspections requested prior to 4:00 p.m., will typically be scheduled for the next day.  Inspections requested after 4:00 p.m. will be scheduled for the day after next.  If you schedule an inspection and need to cancel, you must cancel by 7:30 a.m. on the day of inspection or you will be charged a reinspection fee.   It is also the responsibility of the permittee to insure all documents required for an inspection, e.g., compaction study, termite bond, flood elevation certificate, etc., have been submitted.  If the required document is not submitted and an inspection is scheduled, the inspector will fail the inspection.   For additional information, please review the Inspection Schedule August 2019


You may access the Evolve software webpage to review tutorial videos on how to use the online permitting system.  Note certain functions such as pay online are not a service the County is currently providing, but we will continue to make improvements to the system and offer more services over the next year.  You will not be able to access Bryan County's public portal from the tutorial video page, so return to this page and click the button above to enter the portal once you are finished reviewing the tutorials.


If you have any questions, contact a customer service representative at 912-459-6519 or 912-653-3893.  You may also contact Ashley Young at 912-459-6518.

Phase 2 (plan reviews) will go live in early 2020, so keep checking our website for updates.