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Code Enforcement Division

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Code Enforcement

Updated on 05/15/2019 9:54 AM

Updated Ordinances

Bryan County adopted the International Property Maintenance Code, Chapter 102 and 104, and amended Chapters 22 and 103 of the Code of Bryan County, Georgia on May 12, 2020.  Chapter 12 - Article II - Property Maintenance - has been repealed.  The online version of the Code should be updated within the next six months.  Until such time, you may review the new codes here.

International Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 103 Amendments

Chapter 22 Amendments

Chapter 102

Chapter 104

Code Enforcement

Our goal in Code Enforcement is to enforce the ordinances of Bryan County in a fair and reasonable manner.  Bryan County has ordinances addressing public nuisances, animal control, traffic violations, building permits, land use, and subdivision of land.  The complete County Ordinances can be accessed online. 


Tiffany Maxwell

Code Enforcement Officer



The Code Enforcement Division of Community Development is tasked with enforcing regulations related to public nuisances, building permits, land use (zoning) and subdivisions in unincorporated Bryan County.  Richmond Hill has their own Code Enforcement Division, as does Pembroke.  Enforcement of animal control ordinances is handled by Animal Control and enforcement of traffic control ordinances is handled by the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.   


Bryan County Code Enforcement is a complaint driven division.  Our investigation begins once a citizen files a complaint.  Typical complaints Code Enforcement investigates are:


·       Building without a permit;

·       Storing/parking of junk vehicles;

·       Un-mowed grass or overgrown lots;

·       Keeping farm animals in residential zoning districts;

·       Parking or storing boats or recreational vehicles in front yards; and

·       Uninhabitable or abandoned structures.


While violating a County ordinance is a criminal violation subject to a fines ranging from $250 to $1,000, Code Enforcement’s number one priority is to have the property owner become compliant.  Many times a property owner does not know they are potentially violating a County ordinance.  Code Enforcement’s first step is to make contact with the property owner and explain the reason for the visit.  If a property owner is not home, Code Enforcement will leave a door hanger notifying the owner of the potential violation.  

The Code Enforcement Officer does not write a summons for a violation until after the officer discusses the violation with the property owner, and the property owner is a given an opportunity to correct the violation.  If the property owner refuses to correct the violation, a summons is issued and the matter is scheduled for a hearing in front of the magistrate.

If you believe a property owner is violating a County ordinance, you may click on the "Complaint" tab on the left and submit a complaint via the County's online portal.  Code Enforcement will investigate the matter.