Telephone: (912) 653-3873 or (912) 653-5256

The real estate office records and files documents such as warrranty, quit claim and security deeds, liens and plats. Fifa's and hospital liens along with military discharge records are also recorded and filed here.

When recording documents, the original must be brought or mailed in with a self- addressed stamped envelope in order to mail to the proper destination after recording. All documents must have a three-inch top margin where the recording book and page number will be easily seen after recording. On the first page of the document the party and their address to which the document is being returned must appear. A transfer tax declaratiion (PT61) must accompany any deed transferring ownership of property from one party to another. To obtain a PT61 form, go to

Any recording fees & transfer tax are to be made payable to the

Bryan County Clerk of Superior Court

Any questions regarding recording information you may call (912)653-5256.

Intangible tax is to be made payable to the

Bryan County Tax Commissioner

Any questions regarding intangible tax you may call (912)653-3880.

Any questions regarding property map & parcel numbers or information on a particular parcel of land you may call the

Bryan County Assessors Office



The clerk's office is not allowed to give out information that is on a document over the telephone or do a search. However, if you mail in a request with the recording (book & page) information, the cost of copies, and a self-addressed stamped envelope the office will be glad to mail you the document. To find out the cost, you may call and ask us to pull the book that your document is in for the number of pages of your document. (Fax: $2.00 1st page & 1.00 each additional page; to be mailed : $1.00 per page/copy). Certified copies can only be mailed which is an additional $2.50 per document.

Regular Mail:

Bryan County Clerk of Superior Court
P.O. Box 670
Pembroke, GA 31321

Special Delivery/Physical Address:

Bryan County Clerk of Superior Court
151 South College Street
Courthouse-Room 108
Pembroke, GA 31321

As of July 1, 1995 the costs for filing-

A. $10.00 first page/$2.00 each additional page

1) Deeds (all kinds of types by any name or description)

2) Quit-Claim Deeds/Release

3) Deeds of Trust

4) Security Deeds/Mortgage Deeds/Deeds to Secure Debt

5) Modification /Additional Loan Agreements

6) Cancellation of Deeds

7) Affidavits

8) Certificates

9) Power of Attorney (That may in any way relate to real estate)

10) Notice (Such as to payment of intagible tax on previously recorded security deed, etc.)

11) UCC's

B. $5.00 first page/$2.00 each additional page

1) Liens on real property ( such as Materialman Lien)

2) Tax Liens

3) Hospital Liens

4) Writs of Fieri Facias (Fifa's)

5) Assignments (per deed assigned)

6) Lis Pendens

7) Cancellation of Writs of Fieri Facias (Fifa's)

8) Cancellation of Liens (such as Materialman Lien)

C. Plat Recordings are $8.00 per sheet and must be filed HERE
D. Notaries are $49.00. Notary applications must be done online HERE.
E. Trade Names are $169.00. Trade name applications can be mailed, faxed, or downloaded HERE. Only the original document will be accepted for recording.

Rule of Thumb - Anything that's not in Section "B" will be $10.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page (except for plats and notaries).