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Under new law, every citizen of Bryan County ages 18 years and older, who is registered to vote and/or possesses a Driver’s License or Identification Card, will be eligible for jury duty.
General Information

The Jury Summons you received via U.S. Mail will inform you of the date and time that you are to report for service.  On the day prior to your scheduled summons date, please call the Jury Status Line at (912) 653-3872, Option 7, for any final updates or instructions regarding your jury duty service.

Telephone Numbers

Superior Court Jury Clerk (912) 653-3871

Juror Compensation

You will be compensated $35 for each day that you serve on a jury panel, or for each day that you are required to report for service.

Proper Attire

Court participation is a serious responsibility. Your behavior and attire should reflect the decorum and respect due the legal system at this county. Please dress comfortably, yet appropriately.  Examples of inappropriate dress include: tank tops, shorts, shirts with messages, slogans or advertisements, torn denim, bare midriff and bare feet.


By law, a juror may be permanently excused for any statutorily required reason that includes death, non-residency and permanent medical or mental infirmities, attested to by a medical doctor or psychologist.

Persons who are convicted felons and have no had their civil rights restored, are automatically disqualified from jury service.


Deferrals are permitted under extreme circumstances only.  All deferrals will be postponed to a date within the next jury selection.  To request a feral, please refer to the Summons instruction and follow them carefully.


An excusal from jury duty may be allowed under certain circumstances, such as: military service, age, residency, etc.  To request an excuse from jury duty, please follow the link provided below,  keeping adequate submission time in mind prior to your service date.

Rebecca G. Crowe serves as the Jury Clerk.