Assessor's Office

**Assessment Notices were mailed on 5/31/2016** 
**Last day to appeal-7/15/2016**

Appeals will only be accepted in person or by mail.

(not faxed or e-mailed)


"Our board is independent of the County Commissioner's Office, the Tax Commissioner's Office, and the Board of Education. This board does not set tax millage rates nor collect taxes.We are here to serve the public, ensuring that the tax burden is distributed fairly throughout our county. We are required to value property uniformly, as close to "Fair Market Value" as possible. All the while, making certain that our mass appraisal property valuations conform to Georgia State law.  Should you have any questions concerning our office or its operations, please, do not hesitate to contact us."


- Matt Owens, Chairman


Chief Appraiser: 

Liz Lynn



Pembroke Office:

15 North Courthouse Street

P.O. Box 1000

Pembroke, GA  31321

Phone: (912) 653-3889

Fax:  (912) 653-3890

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Richmond Hill Office:

66 Captain Matthew Freeman Drive

Suite 229

Richmond Hill, GA  31324

Phone: (912) 756-3209

Fax: (912) 756-3827






Board of Assessors:
Chairman Vice-Chairman Member Member
Matt Owens Thomas Haynes Robert Floyd Robbie King



The Board of Assessors is responsible for determining what property in the county is subject to taxation, and for requiring its proper return.  The Board examines and corrects errors in all real and personal property county tax returns.  The Board must see that all property in the county is returned for taxes at fair valuation, and that valuation between individual taxpayers is fairly equalized so that each taxpayer only pays his or her proportionate share of taxes.  The Board of Assessors consists of at least three members, but may have up to five, and is appointed by the governing authority.  The assessors shall be appointed for terms of six years.


It is important to note that the Assessor’s office does not set the tax rate, nor are they involved in any way with collecting taxes, the primary function of the Assessor’s office is to value property in a fair and uniform manner.