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We are Bryan County Animal Control and have a shelter at: 144 Industrial Blvd. West Pembroke, GA 31321. Our adoption fee is $25.00 and you must sign a mandatory spay/neuter agreement, stating you will have the animal fixed with in 30 days or by sexual maturity. All adopted animals 4 months and older must be given a rabies shot and registered with the county within 10 days of their adoption. Our adoptions are by appointment only. Please call 912-653-3816 to set up an appointment to meet the animal you are interested in. If no one answer, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Adopting a friend


We have many dogs and cats for adoption, with newcomers everyday. Please help us find them good and loving homes. Please be a responsible pet owner. Adopting a pet from us is easy and our adoption rates are lower than most shelters in the area.


Come Visit Us! and meet our wonderful animals. There are many types full blooded and mixed. They may be different on the outside, but everyone of them has the same lonely heart ache. Pound puppies and kitties make the best pets. They know how fortunate they are to have found a person to love them. They love so deep and they never get tired of hearing about your problems.


Our Pembroke shelter is located at 144 Industrial Blvd West.,  Pembroke, GA 31321. Our Richmond Hill shelter is located at 250 Dog Lane Richmond Hill, GA 31324   All of our Adoptions are by Appointment only  Please call (Pembroke) 912-653-3816 or (Richmond Hill) 912-727-3884 / 912-459-6515 to set up an appointment to meet your new family member. If you use one of the many map makers on the Internet, please check with us to make sure the directions are correct. You will need to make sure and put our zip code in 31321 or 31324. Call if there are any questions.

Helpful Documents:

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Understanding Cat Body Language
Understanding Dog Body Language
How to Help an Animal

Online Contact Form 


Use this form to report recent incidents regarding animals. Fill out the form below as completely as possible, then use the Submit button for the form to be processed.  The items with asterisks (*) are required.

All complaints will be recorded the same day as received except for Sunday and holidays. Complaints will be assigned to an animal control officer, and depending on priority will generally be handled in a timely manner.  Please let us know if the problem is not resolved.

In order for us to properly handle your complaint, we may need to either verify the information or gather additional information. We may not be able to verify or secure the information needed if you do not provide contact information.


Fill out the form completely then use the Submit button at the bottom, to process the form.




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